relieves your organization of the burden of staying current with state and federal confidentiality, security, privacy, civil rights and other mandates.  Making sure that you can always be in full compliance is our priority.

PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION (PII).  This important legal mandate governs protection of "Personally Identifiable Information" (PII), which may include name, social security number, address, date of birth, among other elements.  AACTS is fully compliant with all known PII requirements.

HIPAA.  AACTS and CareAccess (the web portal/host) are fully compliant under the "Privacy" and "Security" sections of HIPAA.  Where state law is more stringent than HIPAA, the more stringent regulation is applied.

"CONFIDENTIAL CLIENTS."  At some point we all encounter a case in which the client or another case participant is a public figure or colleague or is closely associated with someone of prominence in your community.  AACTS’ Confidential Client feature allows sensitive cases to be designated as "Confidential" at the touch of a button.  This blocks the entire “Confidential” case, including all client information, from view by everyone except the worker and supervisor assigned to the case and their manager.  The client and case will not appear even in the AACTS Client-Search system until/unless the "Confidential" designation is reversed.

ENCRYPTION.  Access to the AACTS application on the CareAccess host system is by secure and encrypted connection.

SECURE CLOUD ENVIRONMENT.  AACTS resides on the highly-secure, HIPAA-compliant web portal host, CareAccess, developed under a Department of Aging Long-Term Innovation Grant.  This secure cloud-based host offers high level redundancy, nightly backup, off-site long term data storage and faster, more responsive access than most local server systems can achieve. 

SYSTEM BACKUP & DATA RECOVERY.   All data is protected by CareAccess’ full nightly, on-site backup and long-term data storage at an off-site data storage facility. 

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