is a complete Adult Protective Services (APS) case management, tracking and reporting application, from initial Intake through Case Closure. 

This premier, user-friendly application has been in productive use since 1999 and currently supports many hundreds of social workers, supervisors, managers, analysts and IT users at dozens of sites, including large and small, urban and rural, single and multi-office APS organizations.

After being honored in a nationwide search as the best-designed and most effective commercially available APS system, AACTS was selected for inclusion as an SaaS (software as a service) in the innovative CareAccess web portal host system.  

CLOUD TECHNOLOGY.  State-of-art cloud technology provides superior security and a fast, highly responsive user experience.  No new hardware or software is needed to use AACTS, which is conveniently accessed using your own web browser.  

UPDATES.  Ongoing collaboration with government regulatory and policy authorities and the AACTS user-community assures that AACTS is both current with the latest regulations and responsive to user needs.  New features and functionality are timely and relevant.  SaaS and cloud technology radically reduce cost by enabling centralized administration and the sharing of update and enhancement costs among all subscriber organizations.

AACTS DEMONSTRATIONS.  A live demonstration will not only give you a working knowledge of the system, but will help you determine how well AACTS fits with your organization's process.  This in-person session can be tailored to your needs, with focus on topics of particular interest to your professional staff.  Even if you have seen AACTS in the past, you will discover dramatic system enhancements and learn of recent price reductions.

To schedule a demonstration, contact our Operations Director, Katy Boyd, 415.887.9684.


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